Week 3 of Big-gal-yoga's July Challenge! 
Some of these poses were so beautiful and challenging.
Go do some yoga today! :)

Week 2 of Big-Gal-Yoga’s July challenge!

This week features a few changes in scenery as I move into my new apartment. Lots of fun and so many new beautiful poses :)

Hello lovely people!

This month I am participating in Big-Gal-Yoga's July Yoga Challenge! 

These are all of my poses from the first week. Even in just a week I’ve learned a lot about my body and what I’m capable of (a lot more than I gave myself credit for) and I’ve found new things to love about myself and my body. 

While my form isn’t perfect in many of these—it is really invigorating and refreshing to feel confident about my body in this way—it’s a feeling I’d never thought I’d get to experience. :) 

Go do some yoga today! :) 

Anonymous asked:
luv to see whats under that skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahah! Naahhhh.

Boots- Lane Bryant

Jeans- Lane Bryant

Green Button down- Dress Barn

Tan Cardigan- Target

Green hair bow- Wal-Mart

Glasses- Ray Bans

Hey. Have a beautiful new year, ya peacocks. :)